How to search?

Keyword search:  search for; cuisine type, meal type eg.. morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, grocery item or even business name. 

Category: select the type of business you want to find.

Diet Type: Select your diet preference or requirements. See "Diet type explanation " 

Fill in the location and radius you'd like to search or alternatively use the map by dragging it and the radius circle.


Diet type explanation?

gluten free; in most cases suitable for people with just a gluten intolerance or who choose this diet 

dairy free; suitable for most people with the allergy or intolerance 

vegetarian & vegan; suitable for most people who require or choose this diet

grain free; suitable for most people who have an allergy or choose this diet

paleo; usually these businesses are 100% paleo, in most cases suitable for coeliacs, dairy allergies and grain free allergies 

100% gluten free; this means the business SHOULD only serve or produce 100% gluten free food & SHOULD be suitable for all coeliacs 

Low Fodmap; in most cases will be suitable for most people who require this diet 


How do I add my business?

1: You need to select an account that suits your business.

2: Once you have chosen which account level you'd prefer, send us your details.

3: As soon as we've received your request we'll be in contact.

4: When your happy with your listing and we've received payment your listing will be live!

My business is already how do I get control of my listing?

To get control of your business listing, click the Claim this Business link at the top right of the business details page.

Fill in the contact form with details of your claim. You have 2 options 1. We'll edit any mistakes eg.. incorrect address, phone no, website, cuisine , description if listed for free once. 2. Pay for an account and add and edit anything thats missing or incorrect based on the account you've opted for. 

I've found an error in a business listing?

Click the Report an Error link at the top right of the business details page.

Fill in the contact form with details of the error. Thanks.

How many businesses can I add?

As many as you like! with in reason. By adding more businesses you are making this online resource better for everyone, so thank you.

Note: Business Premium can also add as many businesses as they like (of course), but only ONE can be a Top of search results listing.

I want to Advertise on your homepage, what next?

Please contact us for pricing and details.

Advantages Listing With Us

key features & fields included in paid business listings: 100% variable Km Radius Search - not just by suburb ; 7 main diet preferences to choose from ; a keyword search! - e.g.. Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, Breakfast & Cuisines.

premium paid listing features include: add photos to your listing ; your 1st listing will feature in the top section of site search results; instant approval of your listing and live editing (great for our promotions feature) ; 100% flexible option to publish promotions for any length of time of your subscription, this option has the potential to increase new and existing consumers and is our Unique Feature

Mobile Friendly Website 

Business Basic Listing $9.90/mth  & Business Premium Listing $199/yr and hassle free automatic recurring payments. 

We Are Actively Advertising Our Business to Help Promote Yours 


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More Questions?

We're hoping to expand this FAQ.

If you've got an unanswered question, please Contact Us and ask away and we'll include it.